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About Suntek Financial Investment

The team members of Suntek Financial Investment Company Limited has a professional team with rich experience in securities underwriting, corporate finance and asset management etc. We have built a broad financial service network, which can effectively assist corporate customers and high-end customers to connect with mainland and international financial systems and financing platforms. We provide one-stop investment and financing services and asset management configuration.

Business Philosophy

Macro vision: Suntek Financial Investment Company Limited adheres to the concept of value investment, and combines a global vision with research close to the Chinese market to study the value creation and create excess returns for customers through active management and investment.

Strict monitoring: Strictly implement its system and rigorous investment decision-making process, supplemented by scientific risk management tools to match customer risks and benefits.

Diversified products: To meet the investment needs of different customers by providing diversified products (including but not limited to securities investment funds and industry funds, discretionary portfolio management services, fund management services and investment advisory services).


One-stop professional and comprehensive financial services

High-end customized asset management services

Experienced professional team

Products and Services

Provide dealing service in securities (Type 1 regulated activity): Hong Kong Securities Trading, Securities Underwriting Services

Provide advising service on securities (Type 4 regulated activity): providing securities consulting related services and providing research reports

Provide asset management service (Type 9 regulated activity): public offerings, private equity funds and discretionary asset  management services team

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