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Securities Trading Service

Providing Hong Kong securities trading services

Our electronic trading system assists individual customers or institutional clients in quickly placing orders for investment trading. Customers can choose to place buy or sell order by phone or through our online trading platform. We provide comprehensive account management services, customers can easily grasp the account details, we provide a safe and secure online trading platform, real-time quotes, regular customer account statements and other services. In addition, we also provide cash dividends, collection of bonus shares/warrants, application for new shares, valet rights issue, exercise of warrants, stock merger/splitting, etc.

Underwriting service

With our close relationship with different companies or international investment institutions (including asset managers, hedge funds, family offices, insurance companies and other institutions), we can provide sales, trading and other brokerage services for these institutions, and can also establish mature underwriting channels.

In addition, corporate customers can also connect with international institutions through underwriting cooperation and increase their visibility in international institutional investors. Our sales team specializes in the medical, automotive, education, aviation, leasing, shipping and other industries, with a focus on investing in China and Asia.

Providing Bond Trading Services

Our Company provides bond trading service and offers wide range of bonds, matching varied risk profiles and investment goals, that can help you accomplish your financial goals. Customers can enjoy steady interest yield, diversify the investment risk and build diversified investment portfolios in the ever-changing market.

Advising on securities

Research plays an important role in building institutional knowledge and providing content to clients. Our research team provides an objective investment perspective based on industry and thematic perspectives based on valuation and research analysis of specific companies. Thanks to our deep relationship with related companies, our analysts have unique insights into the research landscape.

Our research team is based in Hong Kong and has an international perspective and industry knowledge. Our research covers a wide range of industries, including medical, automotive, education, aviation, leasing, shipping, etc. We provide investment advice and value-added services to institutional investors worldwide. And industry knowledge

Asset management

Discretionary asset management service

Portfolio management services tailored for high net worth clients, with a professional customer investment assessment system, fully understand the customer’s risk-return characteristics and investment objectives, and develop practical investment plans.

Securities investment funds and industrial funds (Public offering/Private equity fund)

According to market conditions, a series of fund products with different risk levels will be launched in time for investors to choose. At the same time, it also provides fund composition and consultancy services for the fund.

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